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Academy Uniform

Below is a uniform list for each of our classes.
We do expect members to be in full uniform for every session and take pride in there appearance, as a tidy dancer/gymnast produces a neat and proud performer.
We request members start to buy the correct uniform after a students 2 first classes.

Ballet and Tap Under 8 years

Pink cap sleeved leotard, 
Pink voile ballet skirt, 
Pink dance cardigan (optional), 
Pink ballet socks or tights, 
Pink ballet shoes, 
Black tap shoes, 
Tan modern shoes (if applicable), 
Hair in a ballet bun with hair net and clips.

Uniform Age 8 Ballet, Tap, Modern and Show Team’s

Red and black leotard, 
Black dance leggings, 
Black circular skirt (up to age 11 years), 
Black dance cardigan (optional), 
Pink socks or tights (ballet), 
Pink ballet shoes (Pointes when advised), 
Black socks (Tap), 
Black tap shoes, 
Tan modern shoes. 
Hair in a neat ballet bun with net and clips.

Freestyle Disco

Red and black leotard, 
Red shorts, 
Black dance cardigan, 
Bare feet or footsies,
Hair either in a bun or high pony tail off the neck and shoulders,
Own freestyle and slow dance costumes for shows and competitions.

Gymnastics and Tumble

Club Gymnastics Leotard, 
Long sleeved squad leotard (squad only), 
Red Shorts, Gym Shoes (optional), 
Bare feet or gymnastics shoes,
Hair tied up neatly and off the shoulders, 
Hand guards and chalk for bars (optional for squad), 
Ball, Ribbon, Hoop, Rope and Clubs (Rhythmic Gymnastics).


Red Long sleeved high neck leotard, 
Club t-shirt, 
Red shorts, 
Cheer socks, 
White Kapea cheer trainers, 
Hair tied up off shoulders, 
Club tracksuit for colder weather.

Whole Academy Uniform and Event Wear

‘Red Shoes’ tracksuit, 
‘Red Shoes’ t-shirt,
White trainers,
‘Red Shoes’ holdall,
For performances – 
Named Dress Bag,
Show Tights,
Bun Nets,
Show make up: Dream matt mouse foundation, blusher, blue and white eye shadow, red lipstick, glitter. 

Boys Dance Uniform

White cap sleeved unitard,
Black dance tights (Ballet),
Black jazz trousers (Tap and modern),
White ballet socks (over leggings),
Black ballet shoes,
Black male lace up tap shoes,
Tan jazz shoes.

Boys Gymnastics Uniform

Red and black unitard,
Red gym shorts,
Gym shoes (optional)

Optional Training Aids

Parents often ask if there is anything they can buy to help their child’s training at home and in the studio/gym.
Here are some suggestions. 
Thera Band, 
Stretch Bands, 
Leg stretcher / door trainer, 
Spinning Board, 
Balance Board, 
Yoga Block, 
Ankle Weights, 
Mat/yoga mat,
Foot Stretcher, 
Stretching Bar,
Floor Beam,
Home Bars, 
Muscle Roller,
Yoga Ball,
Chin Up Bar,
Light hand weights